Lynn Plourde

kids book author ~ teaching author

Author Visits

Virtual Visits

  • 45-minutes long
  • Includes a tour of Lynn’s office, a read-aloud or writing lesson or slide presentation (varies by grade levels & target books), plus a Q&A
  • Group size may be as large or small as you want, but when Lynn sees 1 or 2 classrooms in a session, her presentations are more interactive
  • If schools order copies of Lynn’s books for her visit, she’s happy to sign bookplates and mail them to the school

In-Person Visits

  • Maximum of 4 total sessions per day
  • Typically 45-minute sessions (may vary some by grade level)
  • Groups should be divided by grade levels (or adjacent grade levels) since Lynn’s lessons vary by grade levels
  • Size of groups are best with no more than 50-60 students, but check with Lynn for exceptions
  • Lynn asks that sessions be held in one location for the day
  • For in-person visits, Lynn is happy to autograph books in between sessions


  • Virtual-$200/session
  • In-person
    • in Maine-$1,000/day plus hotel (if 90-minute drive one-way for Lynn)
    • in New England (outside Maine)-$1,500/day plus hotel
    • in U.S. (outside New England)-$2,500/day plus hotel & airfare & provide local transportation for Lynn

Presentation Topics

  • Copycat or Add-on stories-Gr. K-1
  • Pattern Detectives-Gr. 1
  • Problem stories (i.e., the lion that can’t roar, the rainbow with no colors)-Gr. 2-3
  • Donn Fendler’s survival story-Creating graphic novel scenes-Gr. 4-5
  • Maxi’s Secrets presentation-story behind story, writing process, info on deafness & blindness-Gr. 4-6
  • How Maine influences Lynn’s writing/how place influences student writing-Gr. 4-6

Booksales and Autographing

  • Lynn does NOT sell her own books so schools would need to arrange that, but she’s happy to autograph books when she visits
  • Most bookstores offer a discount on books for an author visit (check with your local bookstore)
  • Most publishers offer a discount on books for an author visit—see info on this link

Note: More details for Lynn’s author visits (i.e., making a schedule, AV needs) will be shared once you book an author visit