Illustrations © Amy Wummer

Mother, May I?

by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Amy Wummer Dutton Children's Books, 2004

"Mother, May I, on your special day,
be the mom to you today?

Now you be a good girl,
and I'll bring you a big surprise . . .

Open wide!"

The girl in this book brings her mom a big surprise all right--breakfast in bed. It's a breakfast that she concocts herself, stirring together apple cider, pickles, mustard, marshmallows, and more! But that's not all the girl does to help her mom. She does her mom's makeup, cleans the house, and even helps with mom's office work from her briefcase. Oh, that poor mom! Amy Wummer's detailed, humorous illustrations capture both the chaos and love packed into the pages of this book.


"The straightforward text and the humorous cartoon illustrations work well together to create a story that will elicit laughter from the primary grade set."
Children's Literature

"A mother wakes up one morning to her young daughter's well-intentioned brand of pampering. By evening, the woman collapses in a chair with an ice pack applied to her throbbing brow. The little girl is clearly contrite as she recognizes, Oops-maybe I need more practice being a mom, but still finds a way to make her mother smile. Mildly exaggerated cartoon illustrations help embellish this simple, humorous tale."
School Library Journal


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