Illustrations © Amy Wummer

Dad, Aren't You Glad?

by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Amy Wummer Dutton Children's Books, 2005

Dad, aren't you glad
you have me to help you today?

You usually do all the 'Dad' stuff,
but now it's my turn
so you can rest
on your special day.

Dad, aren't you glad
I'm the one who gets to pour milk
on our cereal today?

Well, actually, the dad might not be that glad since he has to clean up the gallon of milk his son spilled all over the table and floor. But the dog is looking quite glad as it laps up the milk. Will the boy's offer of help ever be helpful? Maybe when he takes out the garbage? Or not. Maybe when he paints the house? Or not. The boy can do one thing just as good as his dad, but what is it?


"The visual and the verbal play off each other with broadly-comic youthful irony"
Children's Literature

"The exuberance and satisfaction of the young helper are energetically illustrated in vibrant colors on each page. The patient father's facial expressions range from surprise to exhaustion to pure love. This tender story would make a wonderful addition to any storytime with a father/child theme."
School Library Journal

"Plourde keeps the action flowing and the text simple. . . Wummer's illustrations clearly render fiasco leading to fiasco (deftly offering the counterpoint to the boy's stated goals)."


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