Illustrations © Jim Sollers

The First FeudBetween the Mountain & the Sea

by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Jim Sollers Down East Books, 2003

Long ago, before people
lived in the North Land and
began their own fighting,
there was the first feud . . .

between the mountain and the sea.

Katahdin claimed,
"I am the greatest mountain,
the most beautiful place in the North Land."
And, indeed, it was beautiful,
with its majestic icy-white peak
like diamonds stacked to the sky.

The Atlantic Ocean claimed,
"I am the most beautiful place in the North."
And indeed, it was beautiful,
with its shimmery swells
like an endless sea of emeralds.

In this original fable, the mighty mountain Katahdin and the powerful Atlantic Ocean have a fight over who is the most beautiful. Their weapons are thunderstorms and waves, blizzards and hurricanes--weapons so powerful that all the land between them is destroyed. In the end, they regret their feud. But can they find a way to heal all they have destroyed?


American Bookseller's Association, Winter 2003-04 Children's Booksense 76 Pick

Kennebec Valley Book Award List, 2004-05


"A great story with an even greater lesson--that beauty is not a treasure to be hoarded, but a blessing to be shared."
Winter 2003/2004 Children's Book Sense 76 Pick

"The message that miscommunication can breed conflict, and that communication can restore harmony, has universal application."
Publisher's Weekly

"Expansive double-page spreads in blues, emerald greens, and browns add to the drama of the feud and display some of Maine's distinctive flora and fauna."
Children�s Literature

"Not only does the book "sound ancient," but the blocky, dynamic, green-and-blue-dominated pictures of storms and waves are striking."
Bangor Daily News


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