Illustrations © Sophie Beer

Go, Grandpa, Go!

by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Sophie Beer Little Simon, 2020

Zig! Zag!
Zip! Zoom!
Go, Grandpa, go!

Push! Whee!
One two, three!
Go, Grandpa, go!

In this lively, bright board book, a diverse group of grandpas are on the GO with their grandchildren. From biking to swinging to shopping, grandfathers share special moments with their grandchildren until the final rocking-chair-snuggle scene . . . whoa, grandpa, whoa!


A noteworthy, cheerful read recognizing grandfathers. In this book, each page is a scene with a different grandfather and grandchild illustrated in bright colors, creating a celebration of grandfathers and the special relationship they have with grandchildren.

A high-energy board book celebrates intergenerational relationships. Brief rhymes and alliteration describe what grandpas do. Young children will quickly join in on the refrain, "Go, Grandpa, go!"  No ageist stereotypes here! These active grandparents are indeed on the go.


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