Illustrations © Sophie Beer

Go, Grandma, Go!

by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Sophie Beer Little Simon, 2020

Beep! Bop!
Don't stop!
Go, Grandma, go!

Kick! Splash!
Waves crash.
Go, Grandma, go!

In this lively, bright board book, a diverse group of grandmas are on the GO with their grandchildren. From sliding to dancing to hiking and more, grandmothers share special moments with their grandchildren until the final cuddle-in-a-hammock scene . . . slow, grandma, slow!


A lively and sweet representation of grandmothers bursting with bright and colorful illustrations. This surprisingly fun board book celebrates grandmothers of a variety of age and ethnicity through bold, bright illustrations and rhyming text.

Busy illustrations against clean backgrounds fill in details and give youngsters plenty to talk about, but that refrain reminds them to turn the page. Quiet snuggle time brings a satisfying end.


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