Illustrations © Russ Cox

Merry Moosey Christmas

by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Russ Cox Islandport Press

It's Christmas Eve! If Rudolph's on the beach, who's pulling the sleigh?!?

Another year, another Christmas Eve. This year, Rudolph just wants to enjoy the holiday without having to work. So he convinces Santa to accept a substitute. The search for the perfect replacement results in an eager and resourceful moose, who knows just how to use a headlamp and a GPS. But on Christmas Eve, Rudolph worries: Was the moose's training complete? Will Santa and Moosey be able to get all the presents where they need to be?

Merry Moosey Christmas to see if there will be a Christmas after all!


Rudolph's hooves are big ones to fill, and few creatures are up to the task. After ruling out a slew of candidates, Santa agrees to give a moose a try. Though he needs a bit of gadgetry--namely a headlamp, jet pack, and GPS--to get things into gear, the moose eventually finds a way to pull off this all-important mission. Readers will enjoy being in on the silly problem-solving, and Cox's art, often focused on Rudolph and the Moose's big expressive eyes, gleefully plays into the story's comical premise.
Publishers Weekly

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer really wants to take Christmas Eve off for once, and his kind boss Santa agrees, just so long as Rudolph finds and trains an acceptable substitute. After looking at several candidates, they choose a moose. Though he doesn't have such attributes as a shiny nose, the ability to fly, or a keen sense of navigation, he equips himself with a headlamp, jet pack, and GPS device and is ready to go. Too bad Santa and Rudolph forgot to teach the moose how to make a landing. The amiable story is enlivened by the illustrations of a broad-nosed and charismatic moose.
School Library Journal

Large-format, cartoon-style illustrations provide . . . comic relief with funny expressions on the faces of Rudolph and the moose

Lynn Plourde's whimsical imagination has come up with an original and funny children's story--just in time for Christmas . . . hilarious and happy
Bushnell on Books, Central Maine Newspapers

A great story about adapting and ingenuity . . . Plourde's story is sweetly told, but what really steals the show is Cox's whimsical illustrations that convey humor with warmth.
The Edge


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