Illustrations © Thor Wickstrom

Science Fair Day

by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Thor Wickstrom Dutton Children's Books, 2008

It was Science Fair Day. 
Everyone in Mrs. Shepherd's class was loaded down with
posters and potions,
gizmos and gadgets,
chemicals and contraptions.
All the students were eager, excited and anxious, especially . . .

Ima Kindanozee.

Ima liked to know anything and everything going on around her. 
She always asked plenty of questions.
And the perfect day to ask questions was Science Fair Day.

Or maybe Science Fair Day is NOT the perfect day to ask questions. When Ima asks questions about Josephina's rocket project, she sends it flying through the air, out the classroom window, and crashing into a tree. Dewey's dinosaur project crashes to the floor when Ima questions, "What's this bone connected to?" What happens when she asks questions about Dewey's and Maybella's projects? And what about her own project? Mrs. Shepherd is only able to stall Principal Helm for so long before the determined administrator comes in to judge all of Mrs. Shepherd's students' projects. Could it be they are the only class that doesn't have any winning projects--thanks to Ima?


The latest in the series of picture books occurring in Mrs. Shepherd's class focuses on the ubiquitous science fair. Main character Ima Kindanozee (say it out loud) is aptly named . . .  Wickstrom's cartoon-like illustrations set the tone for the silliness, and the subject of the book is sure to be a winner with teachers and children alike.

The author and illustrator, with snappy text and busy illustrations, truly capture all the fun and stimulation of that traditional school competition, the Science Fair.
Children's Literature

In this sweet story where each science-fair participant is praised specifically, Ima (Kindanozee) finally exercises her own talent as a school newspaper reporter. The idea that everyone has unique strengths will resonate at science-fair time and during other competitions throughout the year.
School Library Journal

Only her teacher manages to see Ima's real potential. Children who remember other picture books set in Miss Shepherd's class, such as School Picture Day (2002) or Pajama Day (2005), will enjoy this return visit for its child-friendly story and artwork. Wickstrom's comical line-and-wash illustrations make the most of chaotic scenes while capturing the characters' expressions and body language with style and wit.


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