Illustrations © Thor Wickstrom

Pajama Day

by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Thor Wickstrom Dutton Children's Books,

It was Pajama Day at school, and everyone
in Mrs. Shepherd's class arrived wearing their
favorite fuzzy-wuzzy PJs.
Everyone, that is, except . . .

Drew A. Blank.

Drew had forgotten what day it was. In fact,
Drew might have forgotten his own name if it
hadn't been written on his hand as a reminder.

Drew not only forgets his pajamas, but also his slippers--so he puts a glove and mitten from the lost-and-found pile on his feet. He forgets his breakfast snack for Pajama Day too--so he whips up some pancakes (as well as a mess) with the cook in the cafeteria. Drew forgets his teddy bear and pillow from home too. What does he use for those so he won't be the odd man out in the classroom? But more importantly, how does Drew's forgetfulness save the day at the end of the story?


Pick of the Decade 2000-2010, The Best Books for Children Grades K-2
Woodbridge (NJ) Public Library


"The creators of School Picture Day (2002) and Teacher Appreciation Day (2003, both Dutton) have produced another winner . . . As with the other two titles, part of the humor lies in the over-the-top improbability of the situation. Wickstrom's cheery watercolor cartoons, depicting a multiethnic class, add to the fun. Pajama Day won't be a sleeper."
School Library Journal

From the confetti- and bubble-strewn parade on the jacket to the day-in-the-life tale within, this picture book promises a silly story and delivers it with style . . .  Drew's forgetfulness is rivaled only by his inventiveness . . . Children will cheer Drew's unflappable attitude as well as his final triumph. Wickstrom's buoyant illustrations underscore the funny side of this sunny school story. Teachers reading this aloud must be prepared to answer the obvious question: "When's Pajama Day?"

Wickstrom's relaxed cartoon scenes of smiling, bean-nosed figures visually underscore the casually inclusive atmosphere in Mrs. Shepherd's class; readers who have already met these lively children and their understanding teacher in School Picture Day (2002) and Teacher Appreciation Day (2003) will happily snuggle down for this new episode.


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