Illustrations © Christopher Santoro

Grandpappy Snippy Snappies

by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Christopher Santoro HarperCollins, 2009

Grandpappy snippy snappies
His suspenders all the day
What those suspenders can do!
Snippy snappy up
Snippy snappy down
Snippy snappy smile
Snippy snappy frown
Grandpappy hears a

Wayward cows are stuck
In some muck
So Grandpappy gives a snap
To get the cows unstuck
Raining milk
From Kansas City to Kalamazoo

Can Grandpappy save the world with his snippy snappy suspenders? Maybe. After rescuing the cows, he rescues the sheriff and the derailed mail train. But just when it's time to save Grandmammy from a flock of crows flying away with her, Grandpappy's suspenders have no more snippy snappy--they're droopy draggy. What can Grandpappy do? How can he save his wife? Find out how Grandpappy becomes Grandmammy's hero.


"(R)ollicking, rhyming picture book . . . Santoro's vibrant mixed-media illustrations capture the absurdity of Plourde's alliterative verses . . . Children are sure to enjoy Plourde's wordplay and following the yellow lightning bolts that signify Grandpappy's power. This sure bet for story hours will have fans moving on to Dav Pilkey's superhero of undergarments, Captain Underpants."

"Once this read-aloud begins, children will love joining in on refrains . . . All that alliteration is great for phonemic awareness . . . There is plenty of visual detail to enjoy, including the way the words themselves bounce around the pages. This book should find a happy home in early childhood classrooms; at the same time, it promises to be a fun way to snippy-snappy off to bed."
Children's Literature

"This whimsical tale of an everyday hero has a rhyming text and lively illustrations . . . Plourde's text, which uses different fonts, sizes, and placements, works well . . .  Santoro's digital mixed-media illustrations animate the tale in a wonderful way. Together the cartoon and realistic elements add depth, detail, and humor to the tale."
School Library Journal

"Remove tongue from cheek and flex it to get ready to trippingly read this story in rhyme that positively boings with silly sound effects . . . Santoro's wildly exaggerated cartoons and the cleverly designed word composition echo the action and put the snap into this goofy tale."


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