Illustrations © Hideko Takahashi

Snow Day

by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Hideko Takahashi Simon & Schuster, 2001

"Cupboard carousing.
Hot chocolate. Mushy marshmallow dunk.
Popcorn, peanuts, pretzels.
Chocolate chips minus the cookies.
Yum! Smunch! Crunch!
Snow day, munchy snow day."

The family in Snow Day not only raids the cupboards and enjoys snacks on the day they are snowbound together, but they also play dress-up becoming a princess and a dragon, build a card castle in front of the fireplace when the power goes out, bundle up and head outside to make snow angels and a snow fort, climb into their flannel footie PJs, and more. The family finally nestles together with a rocking chair, books, and quilts at the end of the story as...

"Snow day melts to dreams.
Snow day, sleepy snow day."


Los Angeles Times Best Children's Book, 2002


"Magic lies between the pages of this charming picture book . . . This book is sure to be a family favorite with both young and adult readers. It can be an aid to establishing family traditions in young families."
Children's Literature

"Plourde's snappy verse, with its brief phrases and effective use of onomatopoeia, convey the active pace from wake-up to wind-down. Takahashi's bold acrylics feature the wide-eyed, exuberant brother and sister in crisp winter landscapes and cozy scenes by the hearth."
Publisher's Weekly

"All of the senses are satisfied in this simple tale of old-fashioned fun. . . The story will evoke pleasant memories in adults and heighten the seasonal enjoyment in children."
School Library Journal

"This picture book will challenge, and likely enthrall, young readers with its jagged cadence and wealth of imaginary words, all the while soothing them with Takahashi's artwork, which, despite the clarity of its color and lines, has an air-brushed softness. . . The wind-down is as tender as a lullaby."


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