Illustrations © Greg Couch

Spring's Sprung

by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Greg Couch Simon & Schuster, 2002

Mother Earth rouses her daughters,
March, April, and May.
"You must wake the world
to start a new day."
The Spring sisters groan,
don't even budge,
till Mother Earth asks,
"Do you each need a nudge?"
"No," "No," "No,"
they say so quick.
"We'll all be dressed
in a flickety-flick."

The Spring sisters race to get dressed, but then each wants Mother Earth to proclaim her the "fastest dresser." Next, they practice their spring songs, and each wants to be called the "best singer." In this story of sibling rivalry, which Spring sister does Mother Earth love the best? Mother Earth settles the sisters' squabble to everyone's satisfaction. At last content, the Spring sisters skip off, arm and arm, to coax their sister Summer to come out and play.


Children's Book of the Month Club Selection, 2002


An engaging, fanciful story. . . The warm and gentle illustrations by Greg Couch fill every two-page spread with generous color and life, in this enchanting and enthusiastically recommended picturebook fable for beginning readers.
Midwest Book Review

A whimsical impression of the season. . . the illustrations glow with an ethereal light that beautifully matches the mood of the text.
School Library Journal

Like Plourde and Couch's two previous collaborations (Wild Child and Winter Waits), this lushly illustrated book heralds a change in the seasons, but also demonstrates the universal experience of sibling rivalry.
Publisher's Weekly

The tone is lighthearted and fresh, appropriate to its season. . . There is a distinct New Age flavor to both story and illustrations. The large, vertical format is equally suitable for storytime or individual readings.


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