Lynn Plourde

kids book author ~ teaching author

Wild Child

by Lynn Plourde
Illustrated by Greg Couch
Simon & Schuster, 1999

“Time for bed,” Mother Earth said.
“Not for a while,” said her wild child.
“A song, first.
I need a song
to play in my head
before going to bed
“So Mother Earth
gave her child a song:
Crinkle, crackle,
leaves snapple.
Chutter, chatter,
chipmunks patter.
Flap, flitter,
birds twitter,
Skitter, scatter,
acorns splatter.
And such was the song,
to play in her head.

Will Mother Earth’s wild child ever go to bed? She needs a song, a bedtime snack, her PJs, and then one more thing. What is that final request? And, oh no, after getting her wild child to sleep, Mother Earth is not able to get any sleep herself–look who’s up!

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