Lynn Plourde

kids book author ~ teaching author

Moose, of Course!

by Lynn Plourde
Illustrated by Jim Sollers
Down East Books, 1999

Holding his breath,
he took a dip.
But fish, not moose,
started to nip.

Bonkity-bonk–A bike built for deuce.
Honkity-honk–A pedaling goose.
Arooooity-roooo–A boy who sashayed.
Mooooity-moooo–A bull who was swayed.
Glubity-glub–A boy who dipped.
Nibblity-nub–A fish who nipped.

The boy in this story tries everything he can think of to see a moose–including dressing up like a girl moose plus disguising himself as weeds and then dunking under water (moose actually eat weeds at the bottom of lakes and ponds). Everyone he sees suggests he just “do nuthin” and he might see a moose. But this boy is determined with a capital “D,” and he doesn’t stop trying crazy stunts to see moose until he gets caught in his own moose-catching trap. Hanging upside down in his snare, the boy finally must “do nuthin,” and sure enough a big shadow appears. Could it be a moose?

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