Lynn Plourde

kids book author ~ teaching author

How To Talk Monster

by Lynn Plourde
Illustrated by Mike Lowery
G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2021

Little Boy reads a monster book at bedtime and YIKES, it scares him.

But then he sees  Little Monster at his window, and YIKES, he calls for his parents.

They make a sign to keep away monsters, but YIKES, Little Monster comes into his room anyway and honks his nose.

Little Monster keeps saying weird words like “Zork!” and “Zokey!” and “Zaygoo?” What do those words mean? Will Little Boy get over his fear of monsters? Will Little Boy and Little Monster learn to understand each other’s languages?
Find out in this fun early graphic novel picture book which includes a glossary of Monster to English words at the end. You can learn to talk Monster!

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