Lynn Plourde

kids book author ~ teaching author

Dino Pets Go to School

by Lynn Plourde
Illustrated by Gideon Kendall
Dutton Children’s Books, 2011

I brought a dino
for a pet,
the SPIKIEST dino
I could get.

At recess time
we played a game.
Our soccer ball
was not the same.

But then the loudest dino is not the best choice either for Pet Day at school. After its introduction, the classroom needed reconstruction. The widest dino collapses the cafeteria bench and sends food flying. Finally, the teacher gives the boy one more chance. What’s the last dino he takes to school? Will that one work? Or maybe dinos just aren’t the best pets to take to school. They’ll have to find something else to do instead. But what? Find out about their after-school activity plus learn dino-facts in the back of the book about the tallest, smartest, youngest dinos and more!

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